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加入成為我們一份子 | Join Us

Get to know more about how to be our party animal.

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關於SBC 及主持人聯絡 | About SBC and Host's Contact

Please read the Registration section before you register.

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會員守則 | Rules and Regulations

There are rules for everything. All rules are useless without self respect. Please take a look at the rules and regulations at SBC.

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動後感 | Memoirs of Parties

會員活動後感受,不論好壞,都歡迎分享,因為參加者所寫的每一個字,也是對SBC及主持人舉辦活動的最大鼓勵和支持。打動後感時最好先使用Microsoft Word,完成後再Copy到web site,以防網絡斷線,功虧一簣。
Share your feelings and views of our activities. Your input are highly valued and appreciated. Try to write everything in MS Word first before posting to avoid any loss due to internet connection problems.

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